Download 8 Strategy Tools from “The DX Roadmap”

November 16, 2023

With the audiobook now out for “The Digital Transformation Roadmap”, and many folks teaching the book in college classes, I wanted to share a PDF version of the book’s tools for all my newsletter subscribers.

About the Tools

I include 8 strategic planning tools in the book. These are meant to give you the practical means of applying the DX Roadmap framework yourself.

These tools do not offer “the answers” to digital transformation. Instead, they are designed to pose the crucial questions that will guide you to the right answers for your particular organization.

Each tool should be applicable whatever your role in digital transformation (DX)—whether you are the CEO, directing digital strategy for a business unit, leading a function like Marketing or HR, or part of a team designing a new digital product or experience. This is because for DX to truly work, it must happen at every level of the organization, and in every business function.

Each of these 8 tools is based on my experience advising firms and has been iterated and tested with organizations around the world and in different industries.

But the point is that you do not need me to put them to work. I hope you find them helpful!

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