The Digital Transformation Roadmap

Overview of the Book

Today, every business is talking about digital transformation. With the acceleration of new technologies, every organization knows it must adapt to survive. But by their own admission, 70 percent of businesses are failing to transform. Across industries, established companies are held back by bureaucracy, inertia, and old ways of working. How can businesses break through to drive real change?

The Digital Transformation Roadmap provides every leader with the answer. Acclaimed author and C-suite advisor David L. Rogers argues that businesses must transform not just products and business models—they must transform the organization itself.

Based on two decades of research and advising companies around the world, Rogers identifies the five biggest barriers to digital transformation: vision, priorities, experimentation, governance, and capabilities. He then shows how any business can evolve by heeding the lessons of companies such as Disney, Walmart, Mastercard, Air Liquide, and the New York Times Company.

The Digital Transformation Roadmap provides a practical blueprint for organizational change, illustrated with real-world case studies and step-by-step planning tools. Rogers shows every leader how to think beyond the churn of new technologies and rebuild their organization for a world of constant change.


The Digital Transformation Roadmap: Rebuild Your Organization
for Continuous Change
by David Rogers

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Reviews of the Book

“Required reading for corporations grappling with how to thrive in the digital age. Rogers takes you behind the scenes of companies that are getting digital transformation right to drive real organizational change.”

—Dr. Athina Kanioura, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at PepsiCo

“To succeed in today’s digital revolution, companies must reinvent not just their business models, but also their organizations. David Rogers’s new book gives you the essential tools to tackle both challenges, and to lead any established business to real and lasting transformation.”

—Alex Osterwalder, CEO of Stategyzer and inventor of the Business Model Canvas

“If you’ve never had the chance to engage with Prof. Rogers in the boardroom or the classroom, now is your chance. His new book opens the doors on what makes transformation work inside high-performance organizations. The key: engaging your own people at every level and every function of the business. Don’t miss this book!”

—Philipp Wohland, Chief People & Transformation Officer at Virgin Media O2

The Digital Transformation Roadmap lays out the five essential steps for corporate transformation. It’s the essential resource for corporate leaders navigating continuous change.”

—Steve Blank, the Father of Modern Entrepreneurship; co-author of The Startup Owner’s Manual

“With the rapid pace of technological change continually reshaping how business is done, leaders of today’s large global corporations are challenged more than ever. To thrive while facing disruption at every turn, they must be able to reinvent their companies again and again. The Digital Transformation Roadmap shows them how. In these pages, David Rogers provides the indispensable guide for how to drive continuous change.”

—Chris Reid, Executive Vice President Identity Solutions at Mastercard

“When it comes to digital transformation, don’t get overly enamored with the digital and pay a ton of attention to the transformation. That’s the key lesson of David Rogers’s Roadmap, which calls on everyone in the enterprise, not just the IT team, to drive the change past the tipping point.”

—Geoffrey Moore, Author, Crossing the Chasm and Zone to Win

“Rogers’s work has both affected and validated our digital transformation efforts at Acuity. He’s provocative and pragmatic, teaching us a different way to think about and stand out from our competitors. His insight and advice continue to have lasting impacts on our digital journey.”

—Melissa Winter, president, and Ben Salzmann, CEO, Acuity Insurance

“Essential reading for leaders seeking to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Embark on your digital transformation journey with David L. Rogers as your guide and gain the tools to ensure success amid constant technological shifts.”

—Sami Hassanyeh, chief digital officer, AARP

“Rogers provides a powerful blend of strategy and tactics to help large companies move smarter and faster into the digital world. Featuring ‘real world’ lessons and a pile of hands-on tools, this book is your essential roadmap to get any firm moving at startup speed.”

—Bob Dorf, coauthor of The Startup Owner’s Manual and lifelong entrepreneur

“Digital transformations all too often go badly wrong because those leading the change have not taken the time to work through the organizational and human barriers that keep things locked into old patterns. Armed with this terrific book, you can enter the transformational space with your eyes wide open. It will be your guide to what the future holds.”

—Rita McGrath, Columbia Business School, and author of Seeing Around Corners and Discovery-Driven Growth

“After over a decade of digital transformations, if we’ve learned one thing, it is that the battle to generate business value is won through breaking down organizational barriers and aligning people, processes, and metrics. With The Digital Transformation Roadmap, Rogers offers powerful insights to maximize the chances of transformation success.”

—Didier Bonnet, professor of strategy and digital transformation at IMD Business School and author of Leading Digital and Hacking Digital

“We’ve been undergoing digital transformation now for several decades, and it’s only accelerating. The continuous change approach outlined in this book is the only way for organizations to thrive in the long run. It’s ‘go digital’ or ‘go out of business.'”

—Thomas H. Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

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