[Webinar] Define a Shared Vision

January 31, 2023

I’m delighted to share a first peek at my forthcoming book, “The Digital Transformation Roadmap.” In this 30-minute webinar video, I explain how effective transformation starts with defining a shared vision of your digital future, the role you will play, and why.

In the video, I discuss:

  • Why any digital transformation will fail without a shared vision
  • How a legacy auto maker and a global financial services firm redefined their digital future
  • Four essential tools to make your case and align shareholders & employees

Thank you to everyone who joined the webinar live and submitted questions, to Mark Roberts for moderating, and to Columbia Business School Executive Education for hosting it.

The Digital Transformation Roadmap Manuscript Submitted!
In 13 Languages + 3 Audiobooks: "The Digital Transformation Playbook"​