[Video] Brite ’13: “The Power of (Big) Data in a Networked World”

April 4, 2013

Last month at the BRITE ’13 conference, I had the opportunity to interact with an amazing group of current leaders in business, technology, and media over two days of presentations and conversations.

I had the chance to speak about the role of big data for business growth and customer insight, delving into the ways to harness and process data for creative utilization during my presentation, called “The Power of (Big) Data in a Networked World.” There are fascinating case studies and trends in this space: I describe retail giant Walgreens’ practice of using current weather data to time its advertising and adjust content. To transform data into an asset, it is crucial to understand the different sources of data available and the nature of analytic tools.

Check out my 25-minute talk below:

If video does not appear, please click here to watch it on Youtube.

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