The Digital Transformation Roadmap Manuscript Submitted!

January 17, 2023

I am thrilled to announce that I submitted my final book manuscript to my publisher for “The Digital Transformation Roadmap: Rebuild your organization for continuous change” (to be published later this year).

[Photo: me belatedly popping the champagne on 2023, after clicking “share” on my Dropbox folder!]

The new book will be a sequel of sorts to my LAST book (The DX “Playbook”), which focused on the challenge of rethinking strategy for any established business in the digital age.

The NEW book will focus squarely on the challenge of rebuilding the organization itself for the digital era. It tackles such topics as defining a shared vision, governance for growth, innovation at scale, culture change, and much, much more. And it provides practical tools and a 5-Step Roadmap framework to overcome the barriers that stop so many companies from reaching digital transformation success.

I look forward to sharing much more of the book in the months leading up to our big release!

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