Keynotes from the 2015 Marketing Hall of Fame

September 28, 2015

Those of you who joined us know that this year’s induction ceremony for the Marketing Hall of Fame was another spectacular celebration of brilliance in the field of marketing. (See Forbes’ coverage of the event.)

I’m delighted that we are able to share videos of the keynote speeches from 3 of our 4 inductees. They provide tremendous insight, as well as timely reflections on the field, good humor, and some provocative thinking about what “marketing” even is.

SHELLY LAZARUS, Chairman Emeritus, Ogilvy & Mather (bio)
– “The challenge remains the same. Find that gorgeous idea”

Shelly Lazarus from NYAMA on Vimeo.


YVON CHOUINARD, Founder, Patagonia (bio)
– “Marketing at Patagonia is easy. We just tell people who we are.”

Yvon Chouinard from NYAMA on Vimeo.


DAVID AAKER, Vice Chairman, Prophet and Professor Emeritus, Berkeley Haas School of Business (bio)
– “When you turn a fact into a story, magical things happen.”

David Aaker from NYAMA on Vimeo.


Also inducted: TREVOR EDWARDS, President, Nike brand, Nike (bio)
– “Innovation means making something new and better. But it must be better in the eyes of the consumer.”

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