Brite Conference with Antonio Lucio

May 12, 2022

I’m delighted to share this video of my recent conversation with Antonio Lucio at the 2022 BRITE Conference. (Kudos on the program to Matthew Quint, who now leads this conference that I started at Columbia 14 years ago).

Antonio and I had a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion on:

  • His career with roles as CMO or Chief Transformation Officer at PepsiCo, Visa, HP, and Facebook.
  • His twin passions for marketing, transformation, and diversity and inclusion
  • The difference between the CMO role in consumer goods vs. technology companies (Brand vs. Product mindset)
  • The growing importance of trust to brand equity
  • The four ingredients of every successful leader (capability, community, mentors, sponsorship)
  • His own efforts to nurture a diverse next generation of marketing leaders
  • Lessons from his own life’s journey on mental health and the importance of community to growth

Antonio was generous, and incredibly thoughtful, in sharing from his own experience. I hope that you enjoy the video!

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